Awarded as:
2005 Best Manpower Service Provider
Metro Manila Region


PHILMAN POWER CENTER, INC., a service firm with business address at Teresa Bldg., #88 15th Ave., Murphy, Cubao, Quezon City started its formal  business operations on January 25,1988. Initially registered as single proprietorship at the Bureau of Domestic Trade on January 25, 1988 with Mrs. Divina B. Tablante founding member of the organization, as its Administrator.


Today, The main business purposes today of Philman Power Center, Inc. are:

To engage in the business of recruiting, training and developing Filipino professional and non-professionals and provide them the necessary assistance in terms of professional guidance and coaching for achievements of the company mission of reaching their staffers maximum growth potential for the benefit of its valued client –companies. This is being done initially thru the company’s orientation program, other career opportunities and developments seminars being conducted based on the needs of its clients companies as well as the needs of the company’s staffers. To mention a few:


A.   The seminar on sales as career conducted  for promo girls and field personnel to be assigned to LTS Industrial Development Corporation, Econotrade Inc. Sales Department, one of Philman’s prestigious client companies for its special promo project operations.

B.   On the job training with pay to staffers for its client companies. Andok’s Litson Corporation and Precision Printing Inc., two of Philman’s client companies who are subscribing to this scheme.


To  maintain  pool  of  manpower  resources for stand by assistance for   specific, special projects of its client companies for their urgent/emergency needs.  This  is  being done thru updated list of information of data  and personal profile of unemployed/undeployed staffers. Filed on the company’s computerized  disc record and index file for compilation of  individual  information  sheet  for  immediate  response  to recalling  if   needed. This   ensures  quick   and   accurate  response   to  the  need  of  the companies who subscribe to manpower service business of our country.



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"We are your partner in business with gratitude"



Awarded as:

2005 Best Manpower Service Provider

Metro Manila Region

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